ann taylor

Historians have said a great deal about feminists’ views of women – their nature, potential, aspirations etc. – but much less about their views of men. As feminists usually aimed to change some aspect of male behavior, however, their programs usually rested on some idea of masculinity. Who were men, how were they motivated, to what extent were they capable of/ willing to change their behavior? This lecture will look at these issues as they arose in feminists’ discussions of the family, and specifically the parental role of fathers, in the first half of the twentieth century. The examples will be taken from the works of the German Lily Braun, the Swedish Alva Myrdal, and the French Simone de Beauvoir.

Nota de Abertura: José Luís Cardoso, Subdirector, ICS – UL
Apresentação da Convidada: Anne Cova, ICS-UL

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