The Project “Elina Guimarães Documentation Centre and Feminist Archive” has its origins:

  • In the need to work with modern information tools, some unknown historical documents, belonging to associations and feminist groups , who developed activities in the country and established international relationships
  • In the awareness of the few documentation centres focusing on research around the History of women and on the role that women’s organisations can have as acknowledged by many countries. Famous historians such as Françoise Thébaud, value this kind of documentation centres because “ thanks to them, several materials from various organisations are well preserved : propaganda, letters, documents about subjects on different epochs, feminist press, brochures, handwritten texts …
  • In the importance of putting to work nets to share information towards promoting knowledge on equal opportunities between women and men
  • In the need to pay homage to Elina Guimarães, famous jurist and feminist, who participated, since young age, in international women’s meetings and who committed herself to the construction of the historic memory of Feminisms.